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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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(Renee Murphy continued from Inexplicable)

Brian was gone, that much was apparent. It honestly didn't surprise Renee. He was always a bit slippery with this sort of thing and he was really good at leaving things behind, if nothing else. He trotted off while they weren't looking, but Renee was certain he'd pop out at any time. She was more worried about what he might do without them, or whether or not he'd get killed doing it. Time will tell, right?

Renee trailed behind Vivian by only a few yards. She didn't want to get too close to her yet. Renee seemed to make the girl uncomfortable.

Any idea why, Renee?

The obvious was that she was disgusted with Renee's behavior; the bribing, the shamelessness of it all. Plus the fact that Brian didn't seem to mind at all. But Renee wondered if there was anything deeper to it. She knew that Vivian cared about Brian in some form. Renee knew that Brian cared about Vivian as well, even if he didn't know it. Did Vivian think Renee was hurting Brian by propositioning him? No, that couldn't be it. It was a matter of dignity, probably. But what use was dignity out here, in the most dangerous place in the world?

It didn't make sense to Renee, but why couldn't Vivian see that? Brian certainly saw it and he was taking advantage of the situation like Renee expected him to. Albeit, he did it in a very aggressive way but he had the right idea.

Or maybe it was jealousy that caused her to shun Renee. Jealousy... because of Brian. Renee mused that Brian was causing emotional harm again before her head started hurting. This only happened when Renee started thinking emotionally, and Renee absolutely hated it when that happened. Better to think ahead, to think about what to do next.

Renee followed Vivian. They entered a forest with trees that were small and far apart. The place seemed easy enough to traverse but Vivian seemed to navigate the place like she'd been here before.

It was all but confirmed when Vivian called out for Samantha Atterman, the vet volunteer. Renee recalled reading Samantha's mother's books actually. Good stuff.

Renee's momentary distraction was interrupted when Vivian called out to someone beyond some trees. Renee walked ahead of Vivian and approached the person. Renee pulled her Tec-9 out of the backpack and loaded a magazine into it. Better safe than sorry. She held the gun in a nonthreatening position, pointed at the ground. Renee kept walking and she got a good look at the one behind the trees. Who she found surprised her.

"Julia Wilson," Renee said in an almost smug way. "Are you going to talk to me this time?" Of course, Renee said this despite the fact that Julia was currently holding a submachine gun. Maybe Renee should have thought this through a litte better.
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