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((Vivian Cathwell continued from Inexplicable.))

Vivian wasn't exactly sure what had led her to come back here. She had stopped walking when she narrowly avoided hitting a tree with her face. She looked around, seeing where she was. Back here again? she thought. Maybe it was a subconscious influence, like something deep down in her mind convinced to come back here. Maybe she wanted to find Samantha again. Maybe it was the comfort of being surrounded by the greenery.

Or maybe, just maybe, it happened completely at random.

Anyway it happened, Vivian wanted to find Samantha again. She needed someone around who wasn't hungering for the wrong kind of action. Before long she had found a dark red stain, pooling and trailing off. She cringed just seeing the blood again. But, it was the best lead she had and she wasn't going to give up the ghost.

"Samantha!" She yelled, hoping she would hear her. They... couldn't have gone far, right?

Something caught her attention in the periphery of her vision, and she turned her head in that direction. There was another person there, beyond a line of trees. Setting aside her search temporarily, she decided to see who it was. Maybe she could convince her to join the group?

Hopefully she wasn't like Renee...

"Hello?" she called out.

Second Chances V2:
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