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Eventually, Delilah pulled herself against the bullet ridden, wooden wall and slumped against it in a sitting position.

A few minutes later she begun to hear voices. A boy's voice mainly. People. She stiffened, unsure how to react to the newcomers, aside from being extremely cautious.

It wasn't until the boy mentioned Pepper's name, that Delilah allowed herself to relax the slightest bit; her heart lighting up after hearing her best friend's name.

Pepper. She was here and she was safe.

Then the boy came into view, running toward her. Immediately questioning her, his hand on her shoulder, touching her, shaking her and again, Delilah began to tense up.

Delilah couldn't answer his query. If she did she'd have to tell him the whole story and she couldn't. She could not let anyone know.

She remembered Patrick from theatre. He was friendly enough, but like most students from Alderbrook, she had rarely talked to him outside of the club.

Delilah stared at him, trying to read his expression, whether or not she could invest trust in him, as he began to pace around in front of her. He asked whether or not she was alright physically, to which Delilah answered with a small nod.

That's all she would give him. Basic answers, with the least possible information, to avoid any unnecessary digging.

Then his expression changed. Patrick's face hardened as he glared at her and she could not keep herself from seeing Richard's in it.

"Why is there so much blood, Delilah?"

Her eyes widened, her muscles stiffened, and her breathing picked up.


He was on to her. He was beginning to figure it out. Putting everything together, just by looking at her.

Patrick's voice grew louder, more frightening. He was a bigger than her, stronger than her and Delilah tightened her hold on her sabre, afraid of what he might do to her if he found out the whole truth.

"Why are you so afraid to tell me?" he demanded. "You know I won't hurt you! You know that; we're friends, remember?"

Friends? She knew him from Theatre yes, he even happened to be a pretty nice fellow, but she didn't know him well enough to consider a friend. In this situation, he hadn't been anywhere as gentle toward her as Sam had been, either. In fact he was making her rather distressed rather than helping to calm her down.

"Why don't you think about Pepper, huh? Don't you think she'd want to know what happened?"

Pepper. That was right, she was here. But she could not allow Patrick to poison her ears any longer. Pepper didn't need to know the bloody details. No one did.

Then she felt his arms grip her shoulders. Patrick had grabbed her in an uncomfortable way. He touched her. She did not like being touched, especially in this way and she was a terrified. She could only think of Richard once more, when he had done the same. She did not know what Patrick could be capable of.

He knew. He had been suspicious, but Delilah knew right there that Patrick knew. He just wanted her to admit it out loud, as he shook for an answer. Her heart pumped rapidly and her hand went and found it's way to the hilt of her sabre.

In one quick slice - Patrick was on the ground.

Fresh blood added with the rest on her hands and the sound of Patrick's scream continued to echo within her ears.

While she stood above the laying, bleeding boy, Delilah tilted her head and looked at him. His wound was bleeding profusely as he groaned and writhed on the ground. She felt pangs of guilt as she watched him in that state. It didn't have to be this way, but she had no choice.

It was either him or her and Delilah chose herself.

"Delilah. Please..." He was begging. Not for his life, but for death.

The least she could do, was to put him out of his misery. End the pain. End the suffering. Her goal was to live, there was no need to prolong his pain. She'd make it quick.

With two hands Delilah, gripped the handle of her sword, kneeled down and plunged the sabre into his chest.

Coup de grâce.

When Delilah was sure Patrick was no longer alive, she immediately took his bag. She had supplies again.

He had mentioned Pepper, so she was near and sure enough, Delilah turned around and saw her only a few feet away.

There was no reason to fear her. She knew Pepper, she was not threat. She was by far her closest friend.

"Pepper." She replied quietly.

This was no good, her poor friend was obviously just as scared as she was. She hated to see Pepper like that. She needed to ease her up, get her comfortable. It was no use having two frightened girls around. They'd be easy targets for dangerous psychopaths. So she brushed her short hair back from her forehead, with her wet palms, doing her best to collect herself after her most recent activity.

Then she allowed herself to smile.

It was an exaggerated one, with the corners of her mouth stretching and pushing her cheek muscles all the way back. It might not have been the best idea, but it was the only one she could think of to keep Pepper comfortable.

Delilah patted the flat end of her sword against her face and extended her other arm forward, palm up and blood dripping from her fingers.

An invitation for her friend to join her. If that wasn't clear enough; Delilah also spoke up as cheery as she possibly could for the other girl. Her French Canadian accent, rolling off her tongue.

"Come with me, Pepper... I'll keep you safe!"
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