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Alright, who the hell plugged in the Overlord?
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[[Julia Wilson Continued From: Holding Out For A Hero.]]

Julia had no idea where she was.

Some time after following the tracks on these open fields, she had found herself in a forest of some kind with small trees, nothing like the sort you'd see in Canada.

Well, it was some shade at least and she was tired anyway. So she took a seat on the edge of some railroad tracks. Her delicate leg muscles needed some rest and for her stomach some food and water. It was a smart idea to continue following the railroad, because sooner or later, if a train didn't come and find her, she'd end up in a town or something. Maybe she'd sue the pants off whoever put her through this out of control joke as well, once she got there.

Julia shook her head in displeasure and took a bite out of her beef jerky sandwich concoction which she created from the beef jerky and loaves of bread she was provided. These bastards didn't even provide her with anything decent in this stupid reality show of theirs.

Aside from the shade, the sky itself seemed to be getting dim. Probably late afternoon. This was not good, she couldn't continue this whole thing in the darkness. All by herself. She was now starting to regret not going with that Renee girl back at the train station. At least then this whole thing might have possibly ended much sooner.

"Hey, this isn't funny. It never was. Somebody better come out now, or someone is SO, getting sued!"

She looked around, half expecting people to come rushing out from behind the trees, but still no one showed. Julia put a hand on the fake gun as she sat on the tracks, waiting in defiance. She fiddled around with it, actually amused by how realistic the prop looked.

Julia smiled, stood up and held it in her arms, posing with the gun up in the air like Sarah Palin did in that one picture.

If she was going to have to be caught on candid camera like some sort of idiot, she'd at least make sure, she'd look good doing it.
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