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Alright, who the hell plugged in the Overlord?
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Julia watched as a girl walked out from the train and approached her bench.

Tch. Where the heck were you when I was banging against the train and screaming my damn lungs out for someone?

The girl greeted herself. Said her name was Renee and she knew who she was. Too bad for her, Julia didn't care who she was. She vaguely recalled seeing the girl around the school, but that was just about it. She wasn't one of the important people, as far as she was concerned.

Right. So she was supposed to answer now, wasn't she? So they could join up and continue on their merry way like some sort of team in this game.

No, Sorry. Julia Wilson wasn't falling for any of this candid camera crap. That's what the people running this prank wanted her to do. Someone in on the whole thing, like this gal probably was, was supposed start things off and lead her on and make her look like a fool. There was no way that was going to be happening to her. She wouldn't give these people the satisfaction they wanted.

Instead, Julia crossed her arms and stared at the girl for a while, before turning her attention away as if she was disinterested in her. Yep. She was too smart for them. She knew and she spoiled their joke, and anytime now, the camera crew and whoever in charge or involved with this whole thing would come out and admit their failure. Then she could go home.

The girl backed away and said she needed to leave, go find her friends or something like that.

These people were determined, eh? She supposed she was supposed to "follow" the girl now, as she was supposed to. Again, not buying it.

She watched as the girl left the building and then she waited for someone to come and end this prank. It would only be seconds now.



Or it sure felt like hours, at least.

Okay, what gives?

She stood up, grabbed her bag and hauled her toy gun up. If no one was going to show up, then she was going to look for them, herself.

Julia went onto the railroad tracks and followed them out into the plains.

[[Julia Wilson Continued To: Rebel Without a Clue.]]
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