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Delilah sat on the ground, a neutral look on her face. Patrick couldn't figure her out. On the one hand, she was bloody so something must have happened to her. On the other, well, Patrick figured that not all of that blood was hers. The fact that she wasn't answering any of his questions certainly wasn't helping.

Patrick sighed and rubbed his eyes. He got up and paced for a second. He looked at Delilah.

"At the very least, can you tell me if you're all right, physically?" Patrick asked with desperation.

Delilah gave a small nod, hugging her sword. She seemed pretty protective of the thing, like she was hiding something...

Oh, God. Don't tell me...

Things weren't adding up. The bloody clothes, the sword, the way Delilah was acting; it was getting really out of the ordinary.

Patrick inhaled sharply. He was bad enough at getting secrets out of people in a normal environment. In this high-stress, blood-filled situation they found themselves in, what chance did he have? But he had to know. If Delilah had done something, hurt someone... then Patrick needed to know if he should leave her behind.

Patrick felt that small pang of guilt he always felt when he knew he'd be hurting someone, even unintentionally. He had seen enough of that sort of thing from his father, and he didn't need to become like him. Especially now, when he needed to be strong.

Patrick faced Delilah, his face becoming hard. "Why is there so much blood, Delilah?" Patrick asked with uncharacteristic seriousness.

Delilah suddenly stiffened and her eyes widened, focused on Patrick. He suddenly felt like his approach wasn't going to be as effective as he was hoping, but he had to keep going.

"Why are you so afraid to tell me?" he demanded. "You know I won't hurt you! You know that; we're friends, remember?"

I'm doing this wrong! Patrick, why are you going about it like this? Don't be demanding!

But he wasn't stopping. He was on a roll, now. Patrick went down to Delilah and grabbed her shoulder asking, "Why don't you think about Pepper, huh? Don't you think she'd want to know what happened?"

But Patrick knew that the moment he grabbed her shoulder, things were going to go bad. Delilah froze when he grabbed her shoulder. He could feel her breath quickening and her heart was going crazy. He really should have seen it, considering her hand suddenly shifted to her sword's hilt.

He almost expected it then, when her sword flew out and slashed through his abdomen. He screamed as loudly as he'd ever screamed. He fell on his back, feeling the rough surface of the ground against the back of his shirt.

Oh God, oh God, oh God...

The wound was bleeding profusely and he was feeling incredibly light-headed. He shot a hand on the wound in a futile attempt to try and cover it up. He could feel how deep the cut went. It hurt more than anything else he'd ever felt. Nothing was close to the pain he was feeling at that moment.

Then his eyes rested on Delilah. She stood over him and he briefly saw an expression flash through her face. Was it guilt? Remorse? Disgust? He didn't know, but he did know that she had done something horrible before meeting up with him. It must have been horrible if she was willing to risk killing him over it.

And that's when it hit Patrick. He was going to die. Oddly enough, he didn't feel as inconclusive about it as he thought he would be. In fact, death felt alost comforting considering the pain he was in.

He looked at Delilah again. Trying his hardest he managed to croak out, "Delilah. Please..." When he saw her raise the sword, he knew that she got the message. There was no reason to prolong the pain.

As she plunged the sword into his heart, the only thought he had was, Do you think you'll be able to live with this, Delilah?

[M16: Patrick Reynolds - GAME OVER]
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