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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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"Keep that safe for me, okay? I'll be right back. Yell if something happens and I'll be right back. Viv!"

Renee blinked as Brian placed his fedora on her head, momentarily covering her eyes. She adjusted the fedora quickly enough to see Brian rushing outside to catch up with Vivian.

For a very, very brief moment, she wondered why he particularly cared about Vivian acting a little grumpy about Renee joining. Renee realized that she'd probably made it obvious with the finger-on-the-face thing that she'd offered herself to Brian if she could join. Then a certain realization hit her regarding Brian and Vivian.

"Brian Larke, you son of a bitch," she muttered to no one in particular. "You're in love aren't you? With Vivian Cathwell!" Renee could hardly stop from laughing. Renee tipped the fedora up in admiration. Maybe Larke didn't realize it but he cared about Vivian.

It finally happened. All those nights spent with girls had been meaningless; Brian Larke finally found someone to care about. Oh, it made Renee feel guilty about offering sex to Brian. Business was business, gright? But it seemed that business made things a little complicated. Vivian was obviously upset at Renee for offerin to screw Brian, and whether it was because of some moral invalidation or if it was because she was in love with Brian, it didn't matter.

Renee found a way to make the situation worse, didn't she? Maybe I shouldn't have offered it to Brian after all. Damn, I hate it when this happens.

She slinked outside and saw Brian approaching the barn. She decided that it'd be best to let the two sort it out between themselves. Of course that didn't mean that Renee couldn't sneak a peek at what they were doing.

Silently, she approached the barn and, careful to be avoided, pressed herself against the side of the barn. She was close to a window and peeked in at Vivian, waiting for events to unfold.

She hoped those events would be for the better.
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