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Brian watched Vivian go and didn't understand the expressions on her face. He thought she would be pleased that for once he wasn't ditching her to go have sex with someone else, even though Renee was practically gagging for it, which was so strange since she seemed like such a prude before all of this. Maybe life or death situations were a turn on for some chicks. Action movies were right.

But still, it sort of bothered him that she was bothered.

He gave Renee a light squeeze on the shoulder, letting her know that she wasn't forgotten and stepped away.

"Let me talk to her, okay?" He said. "I just want to make sure she's okay. Viv won't leave you behind, she's too..."




Brian wasn't really good at making words about girls that weren't about particular assets they possessed.

He took his fedora off of his head and placed it on Renee's.

"Keep that safe for me, okay? I'll be right back. Yell if something happens and I'll be right back."

He ran his free hand through his dark hair as he took off after Vivian.


She was heading towards the barn so he followed, keeping a respectful distance so she didn't try to slap him or anything just in case, but still...following her anyway.

What was he going to ask her really?

Was he going to ask if she was okay?

He really hoped she wouldn't take that the wrong way. It wasn't as though he had romantic feelings for her or anything.

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