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[[OOC: Aw, this probably isn't the best job, because I'm rather tired, but it wouldn't be cool for me to make you guys wait any longer so here goes.]]

[[Delilah Rivers Continued From: Water Under the Bridge.]]

Delilah ran, she ran for a long time until her legs could barely take it anymore.

She took down her pace to a very slow, zombie like walk, once she saw the traces of what appeared to be a cluster of buildings at a short distance. She held the sheathed cavalry sword against herself as she did with her bag before, tightly against herself like a hug. She didn't feel wet anymore. The desert heat had practically hardened and dried all traces of Richard's blood on her skin and clothes. Still visible, but no longer fresh except for the small gash on the side of her forehead from the rock she had fell on after Richard struck her.

Why? Why had she gone off alone. This was a stupid idea. She was all alone, by herself, helpless with no one to follow. She was a fool for doing so. Back at the bridge were Sam, who had proven to want to help her and keep her safe and a friend of hers in Clair. They were the support she needed in this situation and she went ahead and ran away from it all to who knows what unknowns lay across the wasteland.

Not to mention that in her hurry to run away from everyone she hadn't even been smart enough to bring along her bag. All she had now was her assigned weapon and Richard's cowbell - that was all. She pulled it out of her pocket and began to ring it with every step she took toward what she assumed was some sort of Ghost Town. It was an odd thing, that cowbell. Sorta like a trophy.

Nearing the town outskirts was a task, one that made Delilah feel rather tired, thirsty and hungry once she got there. But she had no food. No water. Nothing. The tears that seemed to come so easily before wouldn't come out, her body seemingly depleted of all liquids, as her face scrunched up into a self-pitying weep.

Delilah fell to the ground, near a few bullet ridden structures. She just wanted to lay here. Without food, without drinkable water for her parched insides. She'd be weak and be easy picking for any dangerous people. Heck, without any rations, maybe she'd just starve and die pathetically like this in the middle of the dirt.

The problem was, Delilah really didn't want to die.

There had to be a solution to this somehow. All she needed was a bag, any bag would do, as long as it still contained the necessary supplies. Maybe someone friendly would find her? Maybe they'd help her and share their rations with her.

But then again, the constant fear that not everyone were to be trusted with their lives on the line kept Delilah uneasy. Again, she was an easy target, they could get rid of her easily, especially if they knew what she did. They could very well guess and never trust Delilah themselves. She had killed, after all, which made her dangerous - a threat to their lives. Some people would just kill. No sensible person would let someone like that free and it scared her. It really scared her. Some people, like Richard, wouldn't even need that reason. Some people were just plain, bad. They hunt and prey on the weak, so Delilah needed to tell herself to be strong. She needed to be...


Get them before they get you. It felt so wrong to think like that. But still, it was a realistic action. She didn't have to resort to that though. There could still be nice people like Sam around, at least she hoped. She hadn't seen many people, not since the bridge. They could have all started playing the Sheriff's "game" by now.

For now, she laid there, on the dried yellow-brown grass and sulked in her emotions, hoping anyone, anyone friendly could help.
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