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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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"But Vivian is coming too. I'm not going to leave her behind in all this."

Renee expected Brian to say something about Vivian the moment that she lifted her finger to his face. But what surprised Renee was Brian's seriousness about the subject. Brian cared more than Renee realized. Here she thought that he only cared about the physical. He was deeper than she thought.

That reminded Renee too, that Vivian was still there watching them. She glanced at her briefly, sizing her up. She looked worn, but strangely alert. She held a tomahawk in her hand as if any second Renee might suddenly try to attack Brian. Which, to be fair, might not be too inconceivable considering their current situation.

But now Renee found herself in an awkward position. She was trying to seduce Brian Larke, yes, but she didn't count on Vivian possibly disagreeing with Renee accompanying them. This might prove a little more difficult than she previously thought.

Renee coughed. "Well, of course we're not going let Vivan stay alone. That would be too cruel in this, er, odd situation that we've found ourselves in." Renee looked at Brian, feeling a little worn, but smiled and continued. "And I'm sure you can convince her that I'll be a valuable enough asset to bring along, right?"

Renee placed hands on both of Brian's arms, saying, "And she doesn't need to know about our deal. That would just raise some unnecessary complications."

Unncessary complications, indeed, Renee. Do you realize what you're doing? You're offering to have sex with the guy if he keeps you safe! What the hell is wrong with you? And Vivian Cathwell's getting dragged into it too. Oh hell...

But Renee kept the smile on, that same fake smile she'd been using her whole time here. Because she was afaid that if she were left alone, she'd always be alone in this soon-to-be-hell hole. If there was one thing she hated, it was to be left alone. She vaguely mused that she might die soon, but at least she'd have Brian and Vivian with her. She'd do what she had to do and hopefully she'd make it through this okay.

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