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Brian was only half listening as she told him things that he really already knew. Of course the relationship wasn't going to go anywhere, did they honestly expect that it would? Sometimes he wondered how many girls actually misunderstood his intentions, and whether that was a failing on his part or theirs. She was talking about something, probably about how she wasn't a fighter or something and Brian could have told her that. Most girls weren't which wasn't a failing, it's just that when the blood started flowing it's hard to not scream about it. Brian just knew he could trust himself not to scream.

Then things got interesting. She touched him face, drawing a line across his cheekbone.

".. there might be something you'd like to do with me if this deal pulls through, Brian."

His other brain took over for a while, and any sort of rational thought he was beginning to start forming died when she did that. A slow smile came to his lips, his best one.

"Of course, sugar. I would never leave you out in the cold."

It was like he had them all wrapped around his finger.

But he turned to look at Vivian, who was watching them with a curious expression he didn't quite understand.

"But Vivian is coming too," he insisted in downright uncharacteristic seriousness. "I'm not going to leave her behind in all of this."

It was fine, because she probably couldn't hear him, and therefore couldn't note the concern in his voice. That would be the greatest weakness of all.

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