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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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Renee smiled as she always did while listening to Brian. But this smile wasn't like all the others, like the one in school when he kissed her the first time, when it was a genuine expression of amusement. No, this smile was manufactured. Brian Larke had shot somebody. That meant he was dangerous and possibly a threat. She had half the mind to pull out her pistol and shoot him right then. But, Renee planned to get out of this place alive, and God help her but Brian Larke was going to be useful in this plan.

"Of course you wouldn't forget me, Brian."

She went up to him, took hold of his arm, and said to Vivian in the sincerest possible way, "Hello, Viv. I know my entrance was probably a bit abrupt, but I'll need to borrow Brian for a minute or two, okay?"

Dragging him away from Vivian for a moment, she said, "Look, Brian. I know that we've had our differences and maybe our relationship really didn't go anywhere, but neither of us really expected it to go anywhere in the first place, right?" Renee needed allies, even if it was Brian, especially if it was Brian. He was a playboy; he'd screw her on the floor right then if she let him. But Brian always liked his girls. He'd think it'd be a shame if something happened to them.

Renee kept her eyes trained on Brian, but spared a look at Vivian before returning her gaze to Brian. He was a wild card and Renee couldn't possibly expect him to trust her, but Renee knew she was no fighter. She needed a bodyguard, someone to protect her when her gun couldn't. After all, he did have the guts to shoot a kid, probably for his own protection. Even though she disagreed with his method, she had to admit that it did have the practical purpose of whittling down the list of students trying to kill him. But he didn't shoot Vivian, which was a good sign that he probably wasn't going to turn murderer and shoot her in the back, too.

"I'll be honest, Brian," Renee said, "I need help. I need more help than I've ever needed in my life. Specifically, I need your help. Everyone in this Wild West knows that I'm no good in any kind of fight. So, I need to tag along with you. And..." she traced her finger across Brian's cheek, "... there might be something you'd like to do with me if this deal pulls through, Brian."

Seduction, Renee? Really? Since when have I stooped so low as to this? Renee sighed mentally, calculating the likelihood of Brian accepting her offer of companionship. Well, at least it'll keep me alive. Renee liked to think that Brian's presence would at the very least eliminate people for her, so that she wouldn't have to do it herself. She'd hate to have to see the blood.
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