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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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(Renee Murphy arrives from Holding Out For A Hero)

It had been hours since Renee had left Julia alone at the Train Station. She had followed the grey line, which turned out to be a railroad, to the Ranch. She hadn't encountered anyone else while she was following the railroad, which only made her wonder if she would see anyone at all. Renee observed the Ranch. It was a large fenced-in area containing a large two story house. It was in pretty good shape considering that it looked like the entire Zone was empty save her classmates.

She went up to the building and she was slightly surprised to hear voices inside. She pressed herself against the wall near a window and listened.

"...weapons, put in this place, we're wearing collars so they can keep track of us. He was gathering allies in front of us and I didn't want the risk that you or I or anyone else I know was going to get hurt. We don't know who's going to kill, you don't. I'm not afraid to mount an offense as a defense, honey."

The voice sounded extraordinarily fake and sleezy. There was only one person that was extraordinarily fake and sleezy that she knew, and that Brian Larke. Renee had flirted with him a couple of times, but nothing really came to fruition between the two. Well, other than a couple of make-out sessions. But if she knew Brian, and she knew him well enough, the he'd be searching for a way to screw someone in his time here. She wondered who he was talking to.

"That's... that's bullshit."

"Vivian Cathwell?" Renee muttered.

Cathwell had parted with Brian not too long ago, and now it seemed like he was taking advantage of her again. She knew Vivian could take it, but it was her tone that worried her. Vivian didn't sound like that, not normally. Something had happened to shake her up.

And just like that, Renee listened to Vivian, her sobs and her cries. Brian had shot someone, and now Vivian was here, crying on her knees because Brian and this place had caused her to.

"I'm sorry, Viv. I won't shoot without cause again, okay? I promise it will only be to protect you."

Renee put a hand to her forehead. She decided that she couldn't take this drama anymore. She went up to the door, knocked three times, and kicked open the door as loudly as she could.

That should get his attention.

She looked at Brian. "Hi, Brian," she said sweetly, "remember me?"
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