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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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Renee kept the smile on for as long as she could but it was clear from Julia's glare that she didn't really want to have Renee talking to her at this moment. Well, it wasn't like Renee wasn't expecting something like this to happen. Julia Wilson was a loner after all, and from what she'd heard, Julia didn't particularly care for others beside the purely material. And she was holding a submachine gun. There was that, too.

Well, looks like it was a bad idea getting in here, after all. Might as well get out of here while I still can. Who knows if Wilson will take advantage of this opportunity to eliminate a name in her list of problems...

Renee retracted her hand, still keeping the smile on her face. She'd still need to dwindle any thoughts of hostility present in Julia.

"Well," Renee said, "I think that I'll be leaving now. To look for my friends. Yes, that sounds right..."

Renee quickly shuffled past the entrance of the train station, determined to leave the former model. When she was a considerable enough amount of distance away from the train station, she pulled out the map of the Zone. There were several landmarks, including a town, a trading post, a bridge, and a ranch. Renee realized that the town would probably be the center of activity, which would mean a larger percentage of people that might want to kill her. Renee eventually decided on the Ranch, since it seemed like a nice place to take shelter for the day and debate what to do.

After all, she still needed to escape the Zone. Preferably alive.

(Renee Murphy continued in Inexplicable)
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