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He knew Vivian would see right through her, so why did it frustrate him so hard when she did? She collapsed to the ground in tears, wailing as though this were actually something important. That this were actually something that could be changed.

She screamed at him that there should be no more random shooting, how Frodo or whomever was just standing there, about how he was practically a monster and how she wouldn't make him leave but damn, he couldn't just randomly kill people.

Well, that wouldn't be good. The leaving part, the is. But also the non-killing part. Not killing at this point would just be painting a target on himself, how couldn't she see that?

She collapsed on the ground in tears, and Brian knew what to do. He walked over to her side and knelt down, wrapping his arms around her shoulders.

"I'm sorry, Viv," he said. "I won't shoot without cause again, okay?" He pressed his cheek against her shoulder. "I promise it will only be to protect you."


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