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(Patrick Reynolds continued from I Can Hear the Bells)

"Um, I think we're lost."

And so that statement summarized what Patrick Reynolds was thinking that exact moment.

He looked around at his surroundings, trying to catch wind of where he was. Obviously, he was in some are not directly inside the town, as he noted that the buildings began thinning out the farther they walked. There were still some buildings around, as Patrick could observe, as well as a train-stop building. The train-stop building itself was a peculiar building, considering that it was riddled with bullet holes. Patrick off-handedly thought about whether or not some of his more violent classmates had already done battle. He shivered for a second at the thought.

He had been aiming to head for the Sheriff's Office to look for supplies but he had ended up in the Outskirts, by some stretch of fate. He had been blindly following the map the whole way, not really paying attention to where he was going the whole time. By the time he and Pepper had gotten to the Outskirts, Patrick realized that he had been reading the map wrong. And had been upside down the entire time.

He glanced at Pepper, who was looking quite uncomfortable standing there. She looked just as lost as Patrick, but it was obvious from her gaze that she was pinning the blame on Patrick. He couldn't really blame her.

But it seemed that this semi-apathy wasn't only because of the fact that they were lost. For the past couple of hours of wandering around aimlessly, they hadn't found anybody. They hadn't encountered one person they knew, or even didn't know.

"Hey, Pepper," he began to say," don't worry about it. I'm sure we'll someone or something soon. We can't be the only ones out here, right? There were like, what, fifty students in our class? We're sure to find people soon!"

Patrick patted Pepper on the shoulder, as if to show his point. Patrick vaguely realized that he had probably been a bit too nice when dealing with Pepper. I'm treating her like a child, he realized. Goddamn it, Patrick. When will you stop being so... condescending to others? Is that even the right word?

Gulping, he muttered, "Why don't we, um, check the train-stop?"

He ran over to the train-stop building, intent on finding someone, anything, that would make him feel better. For Pepper's sake, too, of course. But Patrick needed to keep his own sanity. Doing something substantial like searching for supplies or helping people was going to be his modus operandi for the rest of his stay at the island.

Heh. Modus operandi; I'm surprised I even know what that means.
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