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(Brian Larke continued from Horror Business)

Brian Larke hated to see girls cry. In his time on this earth, he had seen it enough times and it had grown tiresome. Hell, he had probably seen Vivian do it before. He had probably made her cry with far worse things than what he had done now.

Rebecca wasn't with them, and neither was the inexplicable person that had appeared out of the bushes. How strange, Brian thought, where had all the girls come from? He felt kind of relieved though. He had always liked being alone with people, instead of attempting to be the center of attention all the time.

Though that was fun too.

Though here she was, standing before him, tears in her eyes, asking her why he had shot at that Frodo kid. It was tiresome.

"Because this is a game," he said sternly. "And I'm pretty sure that if we don't play, we die."

This was harsh, even for Brian, and he frowned in an attempt to make this sound better. He reached out and brushed a strand of hair out of her face, hoping she wouldn't jerk away but not particularly hurt or surprised if she did.

"We were given weapons, put in this place, we're wearing collars so they can keep track of us. He was gathering allies in front of us and I didn't want the risk that you or I or anyone else I know was going to get hurt. We don't know who's going to kill, you don't. I'm not afraid to mount an offense as a defense, honey."

He stared back into her eyes, unflinching. Of course, he was lying by omission, that he had no idea if that Faramir guy had really intended to hurt any of them, that he was really just planning on killing before people had an inkling to kill him. Vivian didn't need to know that.

If there was one thing Brian Larke was great at, it was lies of omission.

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