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((Vivian Cathwell continued from Horror Business.))

Vivian had been wandering around looking for any trail Rebecca hed left. She couldn't keep up with her though. The dense foliage had quickly separated the two, and Vivian wound up walking off in a different direction. She was usually a good tracker, and so she was wondering, as they walked towards the ranch in the distance, why she had lost Rebecca so easily.

No, wait. She knew.

It was because of the sight that was still in her head, of the blood leaking out of the boy's body. It was because of the tears in her eyes, blurring her vision.

Brian had followed her, it seemed. She had glanced back at him when she heard his footsteps, travelling a bit behind her. That one quick glance was all she gave him, and she hadn't talked to him since then. A while passed until they reached the house at the ranch. Vivian stepped inside, looking around. This would be a good place to rest, she thought.

She turned around to look at Brian. She still need an answer.


She swallowed.

"Why did you... do that?"

She was struggling to keep her voice calm, to stop herself from yelling at him. She swallowed again.

"Why did you shoot him?" she repeated, her voice shaking, as she looked him straight in the eye.

Second Chances V2:
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