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Patrick could only watch as Tito walked away from the group, heading toward somewhere else in the town. Patrick vaguely wondered if Tito was willing to play along with the game seriously. He knew Tito well enough when they were together with Roy and the like, and Tito never seemed violent at all. Sure, he was a bit weird but the kid was autistic wasn't he? Patrick understood why others sometimes thought he was weird, but he never made fun of Tito for it.

And now he was walking away? Patrick felt cheapened somewhat, but he brushed those, frankly unjustified, thoughts aside. Tito did have a point when he said that groups wouldn't last long. But that was only if those groups were playing by the Sheriff's rules, right? And as far as he was concerned, they weren't. Maybe others would try to play the game, but they'd listen to reason, wouldn't they? Regardless, Patrick decided that he needed to get his head in gear if he wanted to get through all of this.

"Alright," he said as rubbed his eyes slightly. "Let's take this a bit slow, okay? If we're going to get through the next few days and find a way out of here, we'll need food and supplies. And we sure as hell aren't going to find it on the streets."

As if for emphasis, Patrick swept his arm to show the empty, crumbling streets.

"There's a bunch of buildings on the map. There's probably houses and a saloon and probably a store around here somewhere. Maybe there's a police department somewhere..." Patrick looked at the map again. The Ghost Town was way too big for all of them to cover as a group. So, Patrick decided on something.

"We need to split up," Patrick said. "It seems like the fastest way to cover ground. So... any objections? By the by, if we go through with this, I got dibs on the Police HQ if there's such a thing."

Then Patrick looked at Pepper who was still looking absolutely dreadful. He turned to Benny and Ramona. "And... uh, who wants to take Pepper?"
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