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Extracting the water bottle from his bag, Elliot took a sip of water, feeling the relief as the water, which was still relatively cool, slipped down his throat. The heat was unbearable - there was a reason he preferred to stay indoors most of the time. Screwing the cap contemplatively back on the bottle, Elliot scanned the landscape again. Nothing had changed. He was glad Vienna wasn't a vegetarian. That was definitely not going to help with their survival tactics if they had to go looking for berries twice a day.

"Huh?" Elliot said as Vienna said something about emptying their bags when they got to the cabin. He put the water bottle back into his own and zipped it up dutifully before he looked over at her, noting the excited look on her face. He grinned. "Why? Have you got something hidden in there or something?" Immediately his mind started to wander as he imagined extra food supplies and traps and rope and all the things they could possibly need to survive in the desert. Maybe she had one of those things for getting water out of trees? A spool or a spile or something.

"Is it chocolate?" Elliot said hopefully. "I heard that someone's military developed chocolate that doesn't melt in the sun. Now that's what we need here! Elliot stood up and swung the rucksack onto his back. The blue of his polo shirt was darkened with sweat, and his jeans were sticking to him. It was annoying. I was dressed properly for inside! The rucksack dug in at his prominent collar bones and Elliot put his left hand between the strap and his shirt to try and alleviate the annoyance. In his right hand he held the map, wonkily, and turned it upside down and around trying to figure out the way the direction the compass, which he was also trying to hold in his right hand, was pointing.

Eventually he got the pin of the compass to line up with north and oriented his map accordingly. Releasing the left hand, he pointed in the direction he thought the cabin might be.

"I think it's that way," Elliot said, with little confidence. He started to walk in that direction. "Correct me if I'm wrong!"

((Elliot Day continued elsewhere))
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