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((Skipping Ramona with Inky's approval. Sorry this is slightly late.))

Benny could only watch, still slightly dumbfounded by how quickly events had turned, as Patrick tried to make peace with Tito. He was glad Patrick did something; Benny certainly wouldn't have had much to go on. He wouldn't have guessed that Patrick might have known Tito like he just mentioned, but he was just glad that there was some common ground to go on.

...and Tito wasn't accepting it. He said, "I don't know how you can be so open to some random guy you find here, in this "game", but this won't take you so far, just keep that in mind." Benny had never thought of it like that before. He could have understood it entirely if he thought he wasn't going to fit in - he didn't really look like he would - but to reject them categorically? Not cool, dude. Before he could say anything, though, Tito was backing away, then sprinting. Benny called after him, half-heartedly, "You don't have to go! We won't bite!"

After that whole escapade was over, Benny sighed, not entirely sure what to say. He pulled out his oddly tangy water and took a swig. He didn't know what there was to say; he could make a quip, but Pepper looked like she was getting all the assistance she needed from Ramona. He figured he could get everyone motivated once they were back on their feet. In a fleeting moment, his attention drifted elsewhere, and it was at that point he noticed there was a backpack on the lightpost she happened to be underneath. Did Tito put that there? If he did, there was no use having him around anyway. Even more importantly, there was no use thinking about him anymore. He made a mental note to mention the backpack when he got a chance.
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