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What was so wrong, in a situation like that, facing people he barely knew, with asking questions? Vital questions?

It was hard, for a guy with his problems to understand facial expressions. Anyway, when facing a hard problem to solve, Tito could easily come up with a good solution.

"Calmo, calmo, calmo...e pensa bene cazzo." (Calm down, calm down, calm down...and think well, f*ck) He kept saying himself.
Surely the new girl was annoying and she distracted him a bit, so he closed his eyes for a second, just to widely open them up.

"I don't want to have a fight with you guys and actually, it's the last thing i want to do now. However..." He took some air inspiring for some seconds "...i won't be an issue anymore."

His eyes moved fast from Pepper, onto Patrick, Ramona and finally Benny, who chose to keep himself out of that stuff.

He rapidly set up his baggage, shook Patrick's hand and firmly said "I don't know how you can be so open to some random guy you find here, in this "game", but this won't take you so far, just keep that in mind." Some moments of pause, just to continue "Anyway, good luck with your team."

Tito smiled, looking into Patrick's eyes, which probably would have seen for the last time in his life and then, the time for departure arrived.

It was obvious, in that situation, everybody wanted to live and seemed no one really got into the real game. The main reason to leave the party was the number of the mates. Five people couldn't move silently, and also they hardly could get similar opinions and point of view, so why bother?

Tito slowly started to step back, always keeping an eye on everyone in front of him.

"This seems to be a goodbye." He said with a very apathical tone of voice.

He continued stepping back, and finally turned over when he was at a security distant from the group, running through the abandoned houses which were near the streets of the Ghost Town.
He could be easily chased down by anyone a bit smart, just to follow the footprints, but keeping Tito's run would have been possible only to some very athletic student.

He now needed some time to eat, think and rest a bit, since endurance wasn't surely his strength, but in that little town, with so many students trying to survive, it wouldn't have been so hard to find someone else in those houses.

[Tito Simonin continues in Aspiration]

Male n.15: Tito Simonin

Weapons: Bag of Glitter (Designed), Wooden Staff (taken from an old broom in a house)
Status: ALIVE
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