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Patrick took a step back as Tito started yelling at him, obviously alamed by the group's presence. Apparently, Tito wasn't entirely sure of their intentions. Now Patrick wished that he'd hung out with him a bit more.

"Hey, can we calm down a bi-"

He was interrupted as Ramona pushed past him, telling him that she'd handle this her own way. Immediately, Ramona began mouthing off her ideals and how no one can tell her what to do and everything Ramona did when she got mad at someone.

Oh, for God's sake, Ramona! Don't threaten the suspicious Italian kid! Patrick wanted to say but he was afraid to interrupt Ramona. She was feared for her wrath when someone decided to knock on one of her tirades. Now he really wished that he'd hung out with Tito more. Some measure of calmness would have been the best thing in this situation then.

Patrick looked imploringly at Benny, who looked to be feeling the same thing as Patrick right about then.

"Dudes, can we just like, chill out? We all wanna see if Pepper's doing okay, so let's not harsh her vibes, man."

Patrick nodded vehemently in approval, but couldn't help but look at Benny for a moment after realizing how he phrased those two sentences. "Dude," Patrick said, "you just totally sounded like a hippie right there."

Patrick looked again at Tito and Pepper. The girl was looking absolutely miserable right about then, standing there as if she were surrounded by a pack of wild wolves. Patrick's heart went out to the girl, but it felt like there was nothing he could do. But he had to try, right?

Patrick approached Tito carefully. "Hey, Tito, it's Patrick, remember? We hung out together with Roy Benson and the others, remember? What do you say that we all calm down and have a truce, yeah?" Patrick wasn't entirely sure that truce was the right word to use, but he held his hand out for Tito to shake anyway.

Well, it's not like anything bad was going to happen by approaching peace, right?
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