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((Ramona Shirley continues from The Funniest Joke in the World))

Walking sucked. Ramona didn't complain about much in her life, at least not recently, so this was her one exception. She'd been walking for ages even before she found these two lovebugs, and she'd been walking on burning heels ever since they headed off. As she followed Benny and Patrick, she rubbed the back of her neck to find it glistened with sweat. Yep, this sure was a party.

Although there was an odd calmness about her as she entered the empty town. Maybe it was the safety it ensured. Wide open area, no places for anyone mean to hide out, it was perfect. She could almost quite literally have sung with joy, but keeping quiet and conserving her energy was the better choice here. If she even got through one verse of Lady is a Tramp she'd probably pass out.

Ramona smiled right as they walked into the town, nodding slightly at Patrick's sentiments.

"That sounds about right, hun, but we gotta stay safe. I think I'm..." Ramona let out a large sigh, "...not gonna stand it much longer out here." As she and Benny followed Patrick through, she pulled out a bottle from her bag, mineral water it seemed, and sculled it down like a hoover downing a pile of dust and dirt. It had an odd twang to it, like it wasn't water. Either way it was wet and refreshing, so it didn't matter too much.

It wasn't long until Patrick started running off again. Ramona would have berated him, but as soon as she saw what he saw, she was at his heels after him (just a bit slower, of course).

Two more of their classmates - Tito, that Italian-or-something kid who she never spoke to, basically a rare case in her book, and Pepper, the sweet girl whom there was almost nothing bad to say about, at least Ramona didn't think so. When you run into a soul as sweet and as kind as Pepper, you begin to see hope in the world.

As was the case here, when Ramona finally caught up to Patrick. Tito was telling them to stay back, asking them what they were doing there. Ramona gave the boy a look as though he had asked her to hire a concubine right in front of the baby Jesus - she was a girl who did not like being told what she could and could not do, especially in a situation like this. Did he think he was going to force her to stand idly by while someone was in need of comfort?

Of course, Ramona barely paid any attention to his "warnings". Pepper was crying, and the poor young lady needed comforting. She walked past Patrick, ready to handle this the Ramona Way.

"Let me handle this Patrick, apparently this boy needs to know who we are."

She turned back from Patrick to Tito, cleared her throat, placed her hands on her hips, and spoke out almost as loudly as she dressed

"Now. I'm gonna tell you once. There is one person, and ONLY one person on God's green earth, who tells Ramona Shirley what to do, and that is Mister Cliff Shirley, the man who did not raise his daughter to stand down to every man who told her what to do. You, Tito, are gonna get out of our way so we can go and comfort a distraught little missus, or so help me you're gonna wish that our intentions were not so peaceful and lovely. You got that?"
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