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The girl was completely desperate, and surely was hard for her to keep on that way.

"I know you're not crying, but stop being so desperate and make a smile!"

The tone of his voice sounded reassuring and calm, anyway, the tension was really killing him inside.
So he continued:

"You can't stay here, it's not safe. You are an easy target in this open place and you can come with me. I'm not going to hurt you..."

Of course he won't hurt her, that would be just stupid, at least for now. Teaming up would be a double-sided weapon, all depending on the other team mate, but could have been a good way to start this game.
So he slowly walked to her, keeping his arms in front of him, ready to counter-attack in the case it was needed.
His right hand moved forward, ready to be taken by the girl as a sign of support.

"Now you get up, we go get your bag over there and we move outta here as soon as possible...uhm...girl"

Yeah, he didn't remember her name, he probably heard it just once, maybe twice, but that was the last problem in that situation.

Suddenly a voice, a male voice, instantly freezed Tito's body. Instinctively he made few passes next to the girl and turned around, in the direction where the voice came from. That way, he had in his visual field both the girl and...THREE GUYS!?!?
He goggled at them and his heart started beating up very fast. Probably they had no intention to harm them, but nobody could know.

"Hi there..." He said with a tedious voice.

He knew them, or at least, he figured out who they were. The problem was only one, the guy named Patrick started to run to the couple. It sure was a brainless move, and who knew what weapon could the guy carry with him?

"Stop there and don't come any further. I'm asking you with good intentions".

Tito rapidly bent down to get his bag near him, taking it up while standing again.

"What are your intentions?"

Maybe, he showed himself a little rude, but precaution is never enough.

He then directed a fast glance at Pepper, just to bring his eyes again on Patrick.
The situation was becoming tough...

Male n.15: Tito Simonin

Weapons: Bag of Glitter (Designed), Wooden Staff (taken from an old broom in a house)
Status: ALIVE
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