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(Patrick Reynolds continued from The Funniest Joke in the World)

Patrick looked around the empty streets of the town, appropriately marked the "Ghost Town" on the map. A roll of tumbleweed went by and Patrick couldn't help but stare at it. The more time he spent in the Zone, the more surreal it seemed. At least he wouldn't have to deal with the surreality of his situation alone. Benny and Ramona were with him at least, and that was already more than he could ask for.

They had spent untold amounts of time following the train tracks leading south. Patrick had tried to act enthusiastic the whole way, but had stopped talking so much to the other two after the first hour of travel. Talking while walking for hours wasn't the most comfortable of activities. Not to mention the fact that he'd been tripping over his feet on rocks the entire duration of the journey.

Wish I'd worn boots, instead, he thought sorely.

But they'd made it to the town. And lo and behold, it was entirely empty. But at least, Patrick could act enthusiastic again.

"All right!" He said cheerily. "We made it to town. So, I believe the thing to do now is to go searching for things, yeah?"

Patrick walked a bit more, and he noticed sobbing noises. A tall, pale boy was leaning over a red-haired chubby girl, the source of the sobbing. Patrick recognized them both.

The boy was Tito Something-or-other, the Italian kid that knew kung fu. Truth be told, Patick didn't know much about him but hopefully this little situation they found themselves in would change that. Patrick loved making friends, after all. From what he'd heard though, he seemed an okay guy. The girl was someone that Patrick knew a bit better. Pepper Clarke, the scarlett-maned girl was one of the nicest people he knew at school. Despite constant teasing about her weight, Pepper never seemed to hold any malice toward anyone. Patrick liked that about her. The girl loved theatre, too, so that was a plus.

"Hey, Pepper! Tito!" Patrick waved at them with both his arms, almost flailing them in the air. He ran over to them, still enthused. It looked like the Theatre Trio were finding nice people, and that was always a plus. Besides, he bet that the Trio could cheer Pepper up. The girl looked like she could use some friends right about now.
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