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Elliot chewed on the inside of his lip and looked around again. The air felt damp and still, and the only sounds were of insects and a small rodent scuffling through the Earth. So this is it. We have to kill each other now? He looked at Vienna, tried to imagine himself with his hands around her neck or smashing her face with the sledgehammer. Bits of her went everywhere, and Elliot felt his head begin to spin. He couldn't do it. No way could he do it.

"Yeah!" Elliot said with enthusiasm to her idea. Not killing people. Signs of solidarity. They were the sorts of things he liked. The kinds of morals he stood up for in this world. "We just need to survive for long enough until we get rescued." He watched her looking in her bag, and then pouncing on the cowboy hat that lay in the dust behind her.

As Vienna pulled on the hat, he grinned. This was the sort of thing he was used to, hanging out with friends, trying on stupid hats. Sometimes Elliot could see what other people meant when they mistook him for gay.

"You look awesome!" Elliot said enthusiastically, trying to pretend they were in a store rather than a dusty desert that may or may not have been full of people that wanted to kill them. "Really appropriate for the scenery!" He framed his fingers and thumbs around her as though sizing her up for a photograph. "Maybe people will think you're the Sheriff and stay out of our way!"
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