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"At least it's better than drinking them."

Patrick's smile wavered a little. Alcohol wasn't the best of subjects for him, his father being the main contributer to this feeling. Patrick also couldn't help but briefly wonder if he'd even be in the Zone if it wasn't for his dad. And now that just made him think about his mother. God, what would she be thinking right now?

He sighed lightly. "Well... let's just hope that I won't have to use these too much," he said, holding up one of the bottles. He placed the pair of incendiary bottles back in his backpack.

Then Benny and Ramona started talking about where to go. Patrick looked over Benny's shoulder, like Ramona. Patrick pointed at the outline of a town.

"It sounds like a good idea to head to town. It'll have shops and saloons and things, right? We'll be able to gather food and some weapons, and maybe we'll even find a few of our friends along the way. We'll have a blast, guys!" Patrick tried to act more enthusiastic, especially since Ramona was looking so sullen.

"That sounds like a plan, sugar dolls. Head to town, find everyone we can, and stay put and wait until... Uh...till we can get out of here, I suppose. There's gotta be a way, we just need to find it." Ramona said this in a nervous tone, obviously not entirely convinced they'd get out of this situation unscathed.

Patrick placed a hand on her shoulder to calm her. "We'll get through it, alright? No one makes a perfect system. There has to be a way out for sure. Until then, we can go sauntering off as the... uh, Theatre Trio! Yeah, that sounds good!"

Patrick smiled brightly. Theatre Trio; he liked the sound of that. This was becoming more like a movie by the second.

And Patrick loved movies.
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