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Weapon discussion. It wasn't something Ramona could really get into, it didn't appeal to her to "whip it out of the garage and measure" as her momma once told her in a discussion about boys. Funny quips weren't her forte anyway.

Ramona peered over Benny's shoulder as he checked the map, finally getting a good idea of where they were. How long and how slow had she been sauntering along those rails? She must have not been paying attention if all these places were nearby. Either way, she nodded softly as Benny rambled on and pointed out the best choices.

"That sounds like a plan, sugar dolls. Head to town, find everyone we can, and stay put and wait until..." Ramona trailed off at the end there.

"Uh...till we can get out of here, I suppose. There's gotta be a way, we just need to find it."

Ramona wasn't sure if she actually believed what she was saying, but the point of the words were just to set in motion meaning and a plan. Keep the three of them safe and not tempted to go off on their own, where something dangerous was always lurking on the horizon. In the desert, everywhere was the horizon, so that was that.

Besides, she had to be the calm rational one here, like her parents would want.
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