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[Male n.15: Tito Simonin]: Start

Is this really happening? Unbelievable, a rational person like Tito would say. Maybe he's right, maybe not, but judging this situation would not be productive at all.
Sure is that he and all his classmates just found themselves in this "game", and all they know is that...this is for real!

Been walking around for a while, Tito gets to the Ghost Town following his map indications. The climate is hot and dry, as anyone would expect in a desert, but unlike his canadian classmates, he tolerates much more the sunny hot days, very usual in Rome. Anyway, the first things he did as soon as he entered this "kill'em all game" were pulling up the bottom of his jeans and tying up his hoodie to the waist, just to avoid sweating too much.
Surely they were given enough rations to survive the desert, but taking more precautions can only be good.

"Ma che gioco di merda dovrebbe essere questo...come fanno a chiamarlo un maledetto gioco?" (What a sh*tty game is this...how do they call this a game?). Of course, even though he already spent some years in Canada, he still thinks and uses italian language when "speaking alone".
"Perché mai dovrei rendermi partecipe di un massacro?" (Why should i take a role in a massacre?)
Well, nobody knows, and probabilities suggest that he wouldn't be able to answer that question...

The stress is obviously enough to compromise most people's ability to think well, but this is a burden Tito can bear, altough it's not easy as he may show up.
And this is why he just stops, staring at the eerie and creepy landscapes in front of his eyes. A classic Old West town, quite small, desolated, in the middle of a desert forgotten by God.
The streets seems wide though and hard to cover only with eyesight. Anyway, Tito opens his backpack to see what else, other than the map, compass and rations he already checked. He finds a first aid kid, a torch and...a bag of glitter?!?!
"E che cazzo dovrei farci con questo? Sarebbe la mia arma?" (What should i do with this? Is this supposed to be my weapon?). Of course it is and it's hard to believe it would just be an effective "weapon".

However, time passes and every minute is a treasure in that place. So, after setting up his backpack, with the map in his hand, continues his way in the streets of the ghost town, just to see, after a pair of minutes walking, a person, a girl. She is there, on his knees, and also a guy with Aspergers like him could see that she's desperate.
Easy to understand and also to sympathise with it.

Cautious as always, he stops some meters away from her and rapidly start to think what to do.
"Pensa, Tito, pensa." (Think, Tito, think.) Keeps saying in his mind. What anyone would do in a situation like that? How can you know she won't attack you? Trusting people isn't Tito's best ability, but making good choices usually is. She doesn't seem to have a threatening weapon and usually two people are better than just one in many situations and also, she's just a girl.

"Hey there, get up and stop crying please..."

He knows it's hard, but he HAS to show some self-consciousness and autority to try calming that girl. He slowly puts down his backpack and so he bows and spread his arms widely.
He shows himself disarmed but of course he still is, considering his ability in close-combat and a little girl is not going to harm him that way.

Anyway, Tito feels a little tension, and maybe he still hasn't gotten completely into this difficult problem to solve, but giving a try in helping Pepper seems the best thing to do at the moment.
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Male n.15: Tito Simonin

Weapons: Bag of Glitter (Designed), Wooden Staff (taken from an old broom in a house)
Status: ALIVE
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