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Benny listened - intently, as Ramona had just reminded him that his mouth was about to outrun the river below them again - as Patrick told him about the staircase nearby. Well of course there's a staircase there. Benny wasn't exactly the most observant guy when it came to his surroundings. He leaned over for just a second to look at it. He would feel like investigating if it wasn't for Patrick already having been there. If there was anything of note, he surely would have seen it. Instead, he just listened some more - it could certainly help. He watched intently as Patrick pulled out everything he'd seen before, and waited for the weapon reveal.

After the long string of foodstuffs and other necessary items, Patrick pulled out some bottles with cloth hanging out of them. He identified them as Molotov cocktails. "Looks like I need to practice my throwing skills if I want to use these."

Benny couldn't help but make a quip. "At least it's better than drinking them."

Patrick continued answering questions. He said he hadn't seen anyone else. That was a shame, but it wasn't like he didn't expect that. If Ramona had gone for so long without seeing anyone, what hope did Patrick have? This place looked gigantic, anyway. In any case, they had several more people to find: Big Mike, Katie, and that's not even mentioning those who helped out: Delilah, Rebecca, Sam... they had to get moving. It's not like people were going to come to them - bridges weren't exactly going to be the highlights of anyone's trip. Speaking of which, they were just about to look at the map, weren't they? He looked at the map again, saying,

"Yep. We're trying to figure out where we might find everyone else. If we follow the train tracks, we might end up at either the town or a trading post. Those are like general stores or something, right? Anyway, we might try that." He looked up. Things were working out almost as okay as he was pretending they were. They were nowhere close to a full production, but they had a group dynamic. Patrick and Benny could be the crazy guys with weapons, and Ramona would be a calming influence. No wait, when he put it like that the crazy overrode the sensible, and that was never good. He kept that last thought to himself, though.
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