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Patrick couldn't help but keep grinning. He'd found his friends; even better, he'd found allies. Maybe the next few days wouldn't be spent angsting over killing his classmates after all. In fact, the moment he approached, Benny started asking him questions like crazy.

Typical Benny, Patrick thought.

"Holy moly, let him speak, Benny!"

Also, typical Ramona.

Well, it looked like time spent in this place, whatever it was called (The Zone, remember Patrick?) wouldn't be that different from time spent at the theatre club. Except he figured he would have to kill people. That was still a bummer.

Patrick turned to Benny. "Well, if you look down there," Patrick pointed toward the end of the metal bridge, "there's a staircase that leads to a wooden bridge. Woke up down there, heard you, and now here I am!"

Then Patrick remembered something. "Wait, weapon? Oh yeah." He set his backpack down and started rummaging through it. Just like the cowboy said, there were supplies and food in here, enough to last a few days. There was something else in there, too and Patrick vaguely remembered clanging glass while he climbed the stairs. He pulled out two long, green bottles with cloth hanging out. Patrick couldn't help but chuckle a little at his luck.

"If I'm not mistaken, and usually I am, these are molotov cocktails. Welp, looks like I need to practice my throwing skills if I want to use these."

Patrick then turned to Ramona to answer her question. "And no, I haven't seen anyone else yet. I just woke up a few minutes ago; you two are the first people I've seen."

Patrick shook his head. He had other friends in this Zone, too. He needed to find them, and it shouldn't be too hard to find them with Ramona and Benny.

"But, you were saying something about checking the map?"
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