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Ramona looked over the smaller boy's shoulder while Benny examined the map, but she hadn't waited that long until, loe and behold, another one of her friends from theatre turned up, Patrick. Poor boy was always very enthusiastic, like a puppy, but not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. It was astonishing he hadn't died of shock the moment he woke up, she had actually feared for her classmates like Patrick.

While Benny also spotted Patrick and started motor-mouthing, Ramona couldn't help but smile. Group dynamics, a sense of normalcy. This was good, it was the interactions like this that kept her and her friends from thinking about the worser things that would happen. Normal teenagers speaking about normal things.

"Holy moly, let him speak, Benny!" Ramona had to interject right after he asked for his weapon.

"Glad you're okay, Patrick. You haven't seen anyone else around here have you?" That's the other thing Ramona was really worried about - the three of them were safe for the moment, but what about the rest of the club? Pepper, Big Mike, or even Katie? There was that saying, "safety in numbers", it was apt, right?
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