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Patrick Reynolds rubbed the back of his head as he tried his best to deduce his current situation. His thoughts went something like this:

Train. Cowboy voice. PA System. Weird gas. How the hell did they get gas in here? Sleepy... What the hell? River? Bridge? Collar? Kill or be killed, or something? What the hell is going on? Oh man, this sucks.

Patrick lifted himself up and scanned his surroundings. He was under a bridge of some kind, made of metal. Looking down, he found that he was on a similar bridge, except made of wood. Patrick inhaled sharply, thinking about just what was happening.

From what he'd gathered, the cowboy guy over the PA system had told them him and his classmates to kill each other. Apparently, there would be some consequence if they didn't do this. Patrick figured that it probably had something to do with the weird collar, which if the cowboy guy was to be believed, was not something to be messed with.

Maybe it'll explode or something.

Patrick looked at the ground (wood, Patrick) beneath his feet. Said feet were situated right next to a brown backpack. Patrick remembered the cowboy something about daypacks with supplies. As he was about to search through it, he started hearing footsteps and voices from above him.

"Benny! Hey Benny! You okay, hun?"


Patrick grinned. Well, he sure felt lucky. He'd managed to run into two of his theatre buddies right when he needed them the most. Patrick tried to figure out the best way to get up there. He saw a wooden staircase leading up to the surface at the end of the bridge. Perfect! Slinging the backpack over his shoulder, he ran up to it and quickly climbed it.

Now, he could plainly see the two having a conversation about... something.

"My best guess, Benny? We should just check the map to see where we are and where we should go," said Ramona.

Putting on his best smile, Patrick approached the pair.

"Hey guys! It's Patrick!"

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