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Once Ramona had mentioned that, yes, that's a gun and he probably shouldn't be pointing it at random, he calmed down a little. He was usually pretty hyper, but the whole ordeal he had just been through had taken some of it out of him. Now he was more nervous than anything else - it was all he could do just to diffuse the tension. He had no idea where he was, no idea what to do, no idea when he might make it back, no idea what his parents were thinking - no direction at all. Admitting that the gun he had was real would probably make his mood even worse. He was already halfway there, given that his weapon had already passed the duck test with flying colors. It looked like a pistol - a really weird one, at that - and felt like a pistol, and he really didn't want to know if it quacked like one, despite what he'd just said.

For Ramona's sake and his own, he set it aside and started putting everything else back in the bag. He would cross that bridge whenever he came to it, but right now he had another bridge to cross: the actual bridge. Placing the pistol in the top of the backpack and making sure he had the instruction manual and the map out before zipping it, he corrected his earlier statement: "Come to think of it, I'd rather not test that thing out right now, especially if I have no idea how it works. For all I know, it's just got a flag that says "BANG" in there." He wasn't sure what was worse: if it did and they were unarmed, or if everything was real. He changed the subject entirely: "So, was there anything interesting out that way?", gesturing at the expanse from which she came.
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