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M21 - Elliot Day - START

Lots and lots of sky.

Elliot put a hand to his forehead, trying to sift through all the thoughts in his mind that were currently crashing against each other. Crashing like the waves of a sea as bright and perfectly blue as the sky. For the briefest of moments he wondered if he was in hospital, before remembering what a hospital ceiling usually looked like, and that wasn't like the sky. Tilting his head back a little, he saw a cactus. A cactus?! Suddenly scrambling into a sitting position, Elliot surveyed the landscape around him with a hot surprise.

It looked like the Southern United States. They had that accent. Quickly, everything was coming back to him. The train trip, the voice, what had he said his name was? Kill your friends. Kill my friends? He was surrounded on every side by a cactus, a small cove, and suddenly he felt trapped. It was the first time he had seen a full size cactus, and the spikes looked vastly more menacing than the one his Mom kept on the kitchen window. He felt damp sweat on the back of his neck, and he was quickly forming sweat patches under his arms. Why was it so hot? The slightly damp sand was shimmering in the sunlight.

Next to him was a bag. Ooh, a weapon! Sticking out the top of the bag was a wooden stick, apparently whatever he had been assigned was too big to fit in it. Or it was just a wooden stick, something Elliot considered. He unzipped the top of the bag curiously, pulling out the sledgehammer. He felt the weight of it in his hands, feeling nervous all of a sudden. For the first time the enormity of his situation dawned on him as he imagined cracking someone's skull open with it...

Elliot stood up, experimentally lifting the hammer over his head. It seemed to weigh a thousand tonnes in his hands, and his feeble arms struggled with the weight. Eyeing up the cacti that surrounded him, his mind began to wander. If you can bash one of those cacti open, then at least you know you can defend yourself... he reasoned, picking one that was roughly his height. He focussed on not imagining the cactus as a person, and with all of his pathetic might, swung the sledgehammer around to make contact with the prickly plant. As the centrifugal forces swung his body round as well Elliot let out a grunting noise in an unusually deep voice, the sort of noise he expected people weilding sledgehammers to make.

The cactus split, and he was covered in water that smelt like sap. It dripped from his fringe to his nose, and thenfrom his nose onto the front of his polo shirt, the bright blue darkening to navy. Elliot blinked a few times in surprise, his eyes stinging a little, as he tried to regain a sense of awareness of a world that wasn't entirely inhabited by cacti. As he looked into the space he had just vacated, he could see Vienna, a girl from his class, about twenty metres away. Cocking his head to one side, the sledgehammer suddenly got a lot heavier. Slowly, wearily, feeling like he'd done all the hitting things with sledgehammers he was ever going to want to do, Elliot picked a way precariously out of the ring of cacti, slipping between two that only just accomodated his slight form. He stowed the sledgehammer away in his rucksack, which he heaved on to his back. Vienna was out of sight now, but Elliot moved around until he could see her again. He walked warily towards her. She didn't look as though she was going to be killing anyone immediately, but Elliot found himself not wanting to take chances.

"Hey!" Elliot said, waving enthusiatically as he got near to her. Sweat mingled in with the sap, to create an interesting combination of salt and sweet on his upper lip.
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you would not believe your eyes

{F06} Lucy Johnston - figuring out how [moonshine] could possibly be classed as a weapon in the Chapel
{M21} Elliot Day - planning a peaceful game and smashing cacti with his [sledgehammer] in the Cactus Patch Springs
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