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Renee Murphy, as Facemade by me!
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(F05: Renee Murphy - START)

When she woke up, Renee wasn't entirely sure of her current situation. Renee had found herself on one of the passenger seats, quite unceremoniously slumped against the window. Groggily, she scanned her surroundings. She was in some kind of train, but it was devoid of any signs that anyone was there beside Renee. The train looked like it'd been sacked, emptied of anything and everything except the seats.

What is going on here?

Then, in a split second, everything came back to her in a rush. Everything from the screeching halt of the train and that godawful voice on the PA system was now slipping back into her mind.

"The situation you find yourselves in is pretty dang straightforward: ya'll have gotta kill or be killed. That's it."

Renee suddenly felt very alone and very, very insignificant. Kill or be killed? Did that mean that she was supposed to kill her classmates? Renee honsetly didn't know what to do. To make it worse, her neck seemed to tighten and tighten. Feeling her neck up, she was alarmed to find a collar, like a belt, attached to her.

"Oh... and t' discourage anyone taking off, ya'll are gonna be fitted with some nice little surprises when the time comes."

It didn't take long for Renee to figure out that these collars were supposed to be the "nice surprises."

This is just perfect, you know? I thought we were heading off on a nice field trip, and now I'm here forced to kill my classmates becuse some maniac with a southern drawl said so. Thanks, powers that be. Thanks.

Renee shook her head. She needed to get her head in gear if she wanted to get through this thing. Renee looked around and found that there was a green backpack. Renee vaguely recalled Southern-Drawl-Man saying that he had assigned them daypacks with randomly assigned weapons. Weapons would be useful right now, even if it's just to defend myself.

Rummaging through the backpack, she found some rations, a map (of the "Zone", apparently), a compass, flashlight, first aid kit, and... a gun?

Renee picked up the metal thing, weighing it in her hand. She didn't know what kind of gun it was, but it looked like a pistol with a large opening jutting out just beneath the barrel. Renee figured that that was where the magazine would go, but she had never seen a pistol that used a magazine like that before. Placing it carefully on her lap, she took another look at the backpack. Looking closer, she found four very long magazines. An inscription on the side of a magazine said that it held about twenty bullets. That was eighty bullets, all in all. There was even a gun manual inside, stating that the "pistol" was called a TEC-9.

Renee had to admit that she probably got the luck of the draw on this one. Not many people would be fortunate enough to be sporting a weapon like this. Then again, I don't know how to use a gun. But how hard could it be, really? Just point and shoot...

After she was done fiddling with the gun, Renee looked outside the window. Peering, she saw someone, a girl, pacing back and forth on the train station with an annoyed look on her face. Julia Wilson, if Renee wasn't mistaken. Renee ducked down to avoid being seen. For the next few minutes, she listened to the girl bang on the train and shout at the wooden beams of the train station. Eventually, Renee saw that she settled down on a bench, an annoyed look still on her face.

Think, Renee, think! What do you know about Julia Wilson? Uh, she was really popular when she was young! She modeled during middle school, I think. I'm pretty sure I've talked to her once or twice before, but she's a lone wolf, so she might be tough to handle. I need allies, but is Julia really the right person? Better than nothing, I suppose, so I'll have to make do.

Inhaling hard, Renee decided to go out and try to appeal to the former model. But just in case something went awry, Renee slipped a magazine inside the TEC-9 but left it in her backpack. Renee slung the backpack on her shoulder and proceeded to step out of the train and onto the station, approaching Julia.

"Hi," Renee said in the most friendly way she could manage. "I'm Renee. You're Julia Wilson, right?"
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