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Katie sat down at the table and set the bottle of whiskey on the table beside her, then pushed it toward him. Warren couldn't help but smile again. She was continuing to speak in that old west accent, and it looked so weird coming out of the mouth of a small Japanese girl. He counted out a two stacks of white chips, a stack of red chips, and a half-dozen blue ones. He pushed those to Katie's side of the table, then counted out the same amount for himself.

"Also, I think we should, ya know, look fer thangs to hunt and cook up sometime before nightfall. Oh, and what are we playin'?"

He started dealing the cards to each of them. "There seems to be plenty of food and water in the packs... well, mine anyway. So we shouldn't have to worry about hunting anything for at least a couple of days. As for the game? Assuming that this town is supposed to be set around the 1870s or 1880s, the latest type of poker around would have been five card draw with deuces wild."

Warren looked at the five cards he'd dealt himself: King of Clubs, eight of Spades, seven of Spades, four of Diamonds, and deuce of Spades. Hmmm, that's good for a pair of kings right there. Trying for a flush in spades looks like a low-chance draw, and the king is useless if I try to go for a straight. I'd better draw three and hope for more kings and deuces.

He looked to Katie. "It'll be one round of betting, then draw cards, then a second betting round and see whose hand wins. Would you like to start the first round of betting, lass?"

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