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Sadly for Benny, Ramona didn't watch much TV, so she had barely enough of an idea about what he was going on about to understand the references or the humour. But she couldn't not smile at him - he was just an entertaining guy to be around.

As he ran back towards the backpack he had previously tripped over, she had a look of bewilderment, just wondering how on earth this guy functioned in real stressful situations. She had to wipe it as he came running back towards the dirt, though, don't make him think you think he's crazy.

But the way he was acting didn't leave much to the imagination. She followed him over to the dirt, oar and bag still hand in hand in the air, and much to her surprise, he actually pulled out a gun. An odd-looking gun, like it had a turkey wattle or something. Ramona wasn't particularly paying attention to the shape of the gun, no she was quite more concerned with the fact that he was waving a gun around like it was nothing.

Now Ramona wasn't a particularly pro-gun person, she wasn't even sure she'd ever seen a real gun before, but the sight of the barrel, the thing she only knew as the place where the bullets come out, she reflexively put her hands out, still carrying her stuff, towards it.

"Uh, Benny, could you, not swing that around? I don't wanna see you get hurt or anything, that wouldn't be a great start."

She was smiling, but it was still a nervous smile. She was pleased to know that if everyone who got a gun was like Benny here, maybe their class was in better hands than she thought. If the nice people, the funny people like Benny could be the ones who make sure nobody around here died, then Ramona would be happy.
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