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Ramona had answered his questions in a way that made his question seem kind of stupid. That's right, that guy did say something about provisions. Not to mention there was also something about randomly getting weapons. That paddle certainly could count as a weapon if you could swing it hard enough, now that he thought about it. He wasn't sure if either of them could, though. She seemed rather disappointed with it at any rate, so he decided he might as well employ a little self-deprecation and take the edge off. "Hey, I probably got something worse. With my luck, the best I can hope for is probably another paddle. That way we could have some kind of American Gladiators jousting fight or something." Having a jousting fight seemed like it was the most important thing he could do at that point, given he had no idea what else to do next. But that would mean he'd need to go get his paddle.

He made haste across the bridge and picked up his backpack. He then got off the bridge and set it down in the arid dirt, kneeling in front of the massive thing. "I'll just put this over here, no need to get run over," he said as he unzipped it. Wow, there's a lot of stuff in here, he thought as he dug deeper. Food, water, a map and compass, and a first aid kit were all set to the side as he went, until at the very bottom he saw... a gun? He reached for it and touched it. The feel of steel greeted his fingers. Yep. That's a gun.

"Da-da-da-DAH!" he exclaimed as he dramatically rose the oddly-shaped pistol into the air with both hands as if he'd just opened a chest in a video game dungeon. He turned to Ramona and said, "Hey, I think I got a real live gun!" before he started pointing it into the open air, trying get a feel for it as he racked his brain for a movie quote. There were just too many to pick from, though, so instead he just said "Pew pew pew!" a couple of times. Then he double checked the bag and found some bullets and an instruction manual. Checking over the items, he said, "At least we have something so we can defend ourselves. On the other hand, if this thing actually fires, then this guy wasn't kidding."
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