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It was really inappropriate to be laughing at something like Benny falling over and almost killing himself on the train tracks. It didn't mean she wasn't, though, because Benny just had a knack for being a funny person in the most inopportune of times.

But either way, he asked the stinging questions. What did she get? What did she have? She was over that already. Ramona wasn't sure if Benny realised that the oar in her hands was all she had.

"Well, there was...you know, the usual stuff that the guy told us was in there - map, food, all that jazz, you know? And this. I think this was actually my draw, honey."

There was a flicker of doubt in her smile. Sure, she was happy that she was at least with Benny, but the name of the game still haunted the back of her mind. She tugged uncomfortably at her collar, scratching around at the area of mocha skin under the leather noose.

"Have you seen what you've got yet?"
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