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Benny recognized that voice. It belonged to Ramona Shirley, fellow drama person, actually pretty good singer, and always friendly. He whirled around and greeted her at the top of his lungs: "Ramona!" He immediately started sprinting towards her, and promptly tripped over his backpack lying on the tracks in front of him. He fell somewhat hard, but took it like it was a pratfall, got up, and kept running. When he caught up to her, he said, "Hey, how ya doing? I'm fine, and you don't look too worse for wear either, at least for being up a creek. And - oh my God! - you have a paddle. There may be hope for us after all."

He took a couple of glances around to see if there was anything else worth noting, but nothing stood out. Nothing except the oppressive heat, oppressive brightness, and oppressive mood. He then asked, "So what's in your backpack? I think I have one too. It doesn't seem to like me very much," indicating behind him as he spoke.
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