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[[Vienna Gogh, Start Game?

Game Loading...]]

The gas had made Vienna feel heavy. As if she were stuck on velcro overly attached to her clothing. Her eyelids are magnates, making it impossible to keep them open.

The roaring sun didn't do much to encourage them to stay open. As they remained closed to the circumstances the abstract mural of color. The forms moved around with lithe and listless movements.

Making herself roll over Vienna's face landed onto the bag. Grabbing it she held it. Because it wasn't a bag, but a pillow.

She opened an eye, because this was an idea for a poem.

She felt the sand covered ground, which was really a bed.

Sitting up she began to shake, because there was no bed, no idea, and no pillow. Just the bag and a cowboy hat.

Oh no. Please. This couldn't be happening, but here she was. Looking around and hoped not to see anyone that was on the train.
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