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Ramona Shirley just wanted to throw the oar away, down into the depths of the river to never be seen again.

Her sentiments towards it were ultimately reflective of her ire and her tiredness towards her situation. That is to say, she wanted to stop and leave. But no, there was no leaving. There was no time outs, no foul, no take fives, none of that stuff she'd grown up with in the competitive world of basketball and drama.

But Ramona Shirley was almost certain that she would be okay.

But not without chronic back pain! She'd been woken up by a buzzard almost swooping at her, trying to apparently build a nest in her hair or something. She hadn't asked after the fact, but she'd found herself sprawled across the train tracks, the left rail almost disalinging her back. That was not good for her body.

Then she'd gotten her five seconds of awake, and realised sure enough that everything she'd seen was real. She had indeed been captured by a man from a John Wayne movie with the rest of her class. She had indeed been given rations, a map and loose variation on the word "weapon". She was indeed stranded in the Wild West, the blistering sun threatening to put her out of her misery by giving her a faint head and a dizzy heart.

But most of all, she was indeed relatively calm over her situation.

Maybe it was because unlike so many people, she had the faith to know that not one of her classmates was dead in the head enough to actually go through with the conditions set forth by John Wayne soundalike. She didn't have to run up to people and ask, because she knew very well it wasn't going to happen.

Somewhere along the way, she'd decided to follow the tracks to wherever they would lead. They could have been the one way out, or they could just go around in a loop-de-loop. Ramona didn't' know. So that was why she started walking the tracks.

After a while, she'd spotted the bridge and the river water beneath it. Okay, this was a structure, this was good. Did this mean people? Would other people have the same idea as her?

"Oh Ramona, you have no idea what to do, do you girl?" Ramona muttered to herself as she stared long and hard at the bridge, balanced precariously over the rushing rapids. It was true, she really was not sure how to go about finding friends or people to band together with. Banding together was what this was really all about, you know? Just making sure you've got good people, people who can help you and not fall into the bad light this whole thing really wanted them to do.

So she kept on walking on the rail down the track, bag in one hand and her oar in the other, and guess who was perched atop that bridge?

Well, it wasn't her first ideal choice, but staring down the bridge the same way she was stood Benny. Fellow theatre nerd like her and aspiring comedian, she couldn't imagine a better person to spend the time with while they waited for...

...she wasn't exactly sure what she was waiting for now. Would anyone rescue them? Either way, no time to be a meek mouse, time to use those vocals her momma gave her.

"Benny! Hey Benny! You okay, hun?"
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