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Did you know they had a contest once where they tried to find the funniest joke in the world? One of the winners went something like this:

Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson went camping. They pitched their tent in an open field and went to sleep. Later that night, Holmes wakes Watson up and asks, “Look up and tell me what you see.” Watson replies, “I see thousands upon thousands of stars in the night sky.” Holmes then asks, “What can you deduce from that?” Watson replies, “Temporally, I deduce that it’s the middle of the night. Meteorologically, I deduce that it’s a very clear night out. Geographically, I deduce that we are not anywhere close to a city or anywhere else with bright lights. Astrologically, I deduce that we are in a gigantic galaxy filled with millions upon millions of stars. And theologically, I deduce that we are in the middle of a great, vast, unknowable cosmos.” Holmes then says, “Watson, I deduce that someone has stolen our tent.”

That’s a good one, isn’t it? The problem is, it’s not very funny when it happens to you.

[[M12: Benny Lightfield START]]

Benny Lightfield woke up with a terrible crick in his neck.

"Augh, what the hell happened?", he muttered to himself as he tried moving around. "It feels like somebody beat me with a steel pipe or something." Stumbling to his feet, and straightening out his clothes as he stood up, he looked down at the place where he was just lying down a minute ago.

"Hell, they might as well have."

He was looking down at a railroad track on a fairly large bridge situated over a rather intimidatingly fast river. He realized that one of the steel rails was precisely where his neck had been. That would explain it. He took a look at where the train tracks went, but they disappeared off into the horizon. He squinted to try to make out any details on the horizon as he rubbed his neck, only to be impeded by a collar. What the hell? he thought as he tried feeling around it for any breathing room. It had been coming back to him what had happened before he woke up. Something about killing each other. He didn't like the idea of killing anyone, though. That'd be impolite. Among many other things.
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