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(F18: Julia Wilson START)

Julia hated the sun. To anyone else, cloudless days meant summer trips and picnics; to her, it meant a day wasted inside with the curtains closed, reading fashion magazines. It certainly didn't mean a day spent pacing inside an empty train station, peering out towards the far horizon where the tracks disappeared into the heatwave. It had to be a set-up.

She had woken up to the smell of rotten wood and dust with something on her neck. Some sort of belt, too heavy to be a choker - she was fiddling with it when she remembered the cowboy-drawl guy's voice. Something about not screwing with something else.

Of course, there had been the bit with the killing everyone and the enemies-thing. Something about a game.

That was when Julia realized it was exactly that : a reality show of some sort. Everything was a dead giveaway - the faulty train ride, the thematic location, the PA system... there had to be hidden cameras somewhere. Maybe a POV Cam attached to the dog collar thing on her neck. It was typical, really. She spent some time looking for the cameras, dragging her bag, leaping up and down like they always did for the audience. No, she wasn't about to get fooled by a simple ruse like that. Maybe the winners won cash prizes or a 15 minute spotlight or something. The losers?

There had to be some way to forfeit. Julia didn't want to embarrass herself on national television, not yet. Besides, the agency would be concerned if she left her gig for too long. The sun would burn her to a crisp and she would return home bruised and eliminated and-

She banged on the old locomotive. She tried pressing her collar. She tried shouting at the little wood knots on the beams. Eventually, she settled down on a bench and waited for a train to come up.

There had to be some kind of transport out of here; Julia figured she could reason with the producers and go home quietly.

Someone must have set me up - Julia could pin down a few names. They were jealous, always waiting around the corner to trip her up, waiting for that one moment when they could kick her down. Some friends they turned out to be. Of course, it would be fun to get back on them, play along for a while then reveal their little secrets. Shout their names on national telly, vote to eliminate them, that sort of stuff.

Julia retreated further inside when the sunlight crept up. Maybe there's something in the bag. Something indeed, she thought. It felt like she was hauling a small country.

Cornflakes, bread, water, medical kit, flashlight. Tin without a can opener. Some weird meat she threw away. A toy gun; an ugly metal thing, not plastic like the ones she had posed with at one time.

Maybe it's laser tag.

That would make sense, Julia thought. The collars would be their life indicators. It didn't seem too hard either, just point and pull the trigger - then a beep and they'd be 'dead'.

Wasn't like anybody was about to really die or anything right?

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