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He watched as she struggled pathetically, trying to make something out of her last few seconds, before finally going still. He felt that power, that absolute power, over life and death, and he welcomed it.

He felt like he had exacted vengence. But there was something bigger upon that, the fact that it seemed like every little fantasy, imagining what he'd do to her and her friends if he ever got the chance, after a taunt, a trip, a punch. It was something better than revenge. He felt superior to her, above and beyond.

Then, she muttered something. He didnt quite catch it.

Ah well, the cameras would. Her last words would be immortalised.

He placed a hand on her face, feeling for her breath. Nothing.

She was dead.

Despite the heat, he shuddered.

He closed his eyes, and controlled the little jump in his breath, his heartbeat.

He took the bag off of her, pulling the straps of her limp shoulders. There was a big "Fuck off" sword in it.

A Katana? No, She had the Katana. But it looked asian. Shit, he wasnt quite weaboo to know what it was, just to know it wasnt a Katana. Because it didnt curve. That was going to annoy him. But it was a sword. He was just going to think of it as a sword now.

He pulled a little cut off tank top from the bag and made a little holder for it, wrapping it and tying a knot in it.

His face was blank, seemingly uncaring for the body infront of him. He was just ignoring it, pretending it didnt exist. He rooted through the girls belongings, food, water, medicines. Everything he needed.

He looked at the lye. He couldnt use it anymore. It'd be mentioned on the announcement for sure. But he couldnt just throw it away, that'd be wasteful.

He poured it over her. He thought it'd melt her. But... It just distorted her. The tainted water running off her and flowing into the puddle nearby.

She wasnt pretty anymore.

He threw the bottle into the undergrowth and walked away.

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