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When Marion looked back over at Zach, she saw that a despicable smile was on his face, and seeing it only made her feel so much worse. It was painful to look at, to know that someone could take so much sadistic pleasure out of her death like that. Then, she barely made out his muttering, "Goodbye, Marion."

Marion sighed and didn't do anything else. Trying to fight the poison took all of the energy out of her, and the pain in her stomach was beginning to get worse. She only knew that it would be hours, if not minutes, before she died. And with death so close at hand, she couldn't help but take a second to pray about what would come after.

Then, when Marion asked him why, he repeated the question to himself, taking a long time and seemingly considering it. Marion couldn't help but wonder why he was taking so long. Guilt? Or just being unsure? He eventually answered, "Plenty of reasons I'm sure your feeble mind cannot grasp."

When he said that, Marion was confused if anything, and couldn't help but think that he had no real reason at all. She never did anything bad to him, and yet here he was acting like killing her was the best thing ever that could have happened to him. Perhaps not to that extent, but close.

Still, Marion didn't even bother to continue pondering, she knew that it wasn't something to die thinking about. What she did do was pray, and she waited for the moment when the darkness would come and all would be over. Although Marion was never terribly religious, she knew, if anything, that it helped in a dark time.

Then, in one of her last breaths, she uttered quietly, "Sorry." But it clearly wasn't to Zach, her voice was hollow and distant, as if reaching out for someone out beyond. Was it to her parents? To God? Marion wasn't sure, either, but just a moment before her last, she realized that she was more sorry for herself if anything.

And for that last moment, it felt absolutely despicable.

But then the darkness came, and she couldn't feel anything and didn't need to feel anything. Then the brief unconsciousness turned to a blessedly eternal death, from there, no one knows. But, at least, it was over, and with her death she smiled to the whole world.

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