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She gulped it straight down, like the dumb bitch she was. He was doing her a favour really, killing her early, now, whilst there weren't that many sick fucks who would tie her up and torture her.

He smiled, a sickening, almost vampiric smile appeared on his face as she struggled in pain. It was like the 5 years of his life, the 5 years she had tainted, compressed into a few minuites. In Zachs mind it was beautiful, poetic, even. To the outside world, it looked like just another death scene.

To him it was something special.

"Goodbye, Marion" he whispered to his collar, oh so discreetly.

He grimaced momentarily as she threw up over him. He was reminded of that party round Mad's house, and his thousand yard stare, that was carefully being applied to the horizon became harder, more malicious.

"Why?" she asked, her voice rasping as her throat began to dissolve, unravel like the strands of her popularity, like the lies she'd spread about people.

"Why?" he repeated, mulling the question over in his head.

He found himself unable to answer.

Why was he doing this?

He didn't find himself without a witty remark though.

"Plenty of reasons I'm sure your feeble mind cannot grasp."
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