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After Marion asked if Zach had extra water, he simply smiled (seemingly out of pity) and answered, "Yeah, take it, you look really dehydrated," and then offered the bottle to Marion. It was a surprise to her, she never really asked for the water, but she decided that she might as well capitalize on the situation and take the water. It couldn't hurt, right?


Then, in a stoke of bad (more like terrible) judgement, she took the bottle and took a huge gulp of the "water".

And then when it entered her throat, it burned her throat horribly, and she dropped the bottle of "water" out of shock and then gasped. She quickly realized that she quite possibly made the worst decision in the whole show by drinking some unknown liquid that turned out to be poison(ed/ous?). And although she didn't really know it, the "poison" was lye.

Of course, it was then only a natural reaction to ingesting the lye that she threw up, and coincidentally it was aimed right at Zach. She really didn't care about that, though, she began to feel horrible pains in her midsection. Also, she felt an extreme need to release some "waste" from the body, more commonly known as diarrhea, a common symptom of lye poisoning, as it were.

And in the midst of the pain from the lye, she managed to gasp to Zach, "Why?"
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